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Luis’s Priorities:

  • Abortion: People have the right to control their own body in consultation with their medical provider. Politicians should not be involved in life or death medical decisions
  •  Businesses: Help businesses thrive in Texas, including championing training to begin small businesses and exploring tax breaks for small to medium businesses  
  • Education: Texas should finance our public schools to the previous 55-60% State-funded level and pay for the long overdue cost of living increases for our retired Teachers
  • Firearms: While respecting the Second Amendment, raise the age to purchase assault weapons to 21, institute red flag laws, require background checks to purchase all guns; and require recurring training and certification
  • Healthcare: Expand Medicaid to provide health insurance coverage to the 5.4 million Texans who are uninsured (the highest rate in the U.S.!) while bringing an estimated 6 BILLION in Federal funding to TX
  • Immigration: Improve guest worker programs to permit employers to temporarily hire immigrants to fill vacant positions, including in agriculture, service industries, construction and skilled trades, and high tech industries
  • Infrastructure: Ensure the grid is fixed; expand affordable rural broadband; secure Williamson County’s access to clean water and transportation; and optimize green energy resources
  • Mental Health: Expand and fund access to quality mental health care in our schools and universities, for our Veterans, and for all Texas residents including access to telemedicine
  • Operation Lone Star: Stop diverting funds from State agencies; stop ordering Service Members to deploy to the border and address their benefits and tax issues from State mobilization Orders
  • Police and Law Enforcement: Fund and train them to effectively manage the multiple roles they perform in keeping our communities safe
  • Veterans: Identify Veterans in all Texas counties to facilitate communication to best address Veterans’ needs especially health care, support for the homeless, unemployed & underemployed